Our research into the science of Cannabis

Unlocking the Science behind the Cannabis Plant

Our collaboration partners are a life sciences company specialising in the commercialisation of the phytochemical profiling of plants. The Company combines genetics, mRNA, protein expression and phytochemical profiles to generate a comprehensive model of rare or high-value plants.

We can then use this model to ‘reverse engineer’ a terpene profile, which is a naturally occurring formulation of different individual terpenes which together account for many of the plant’s health and medical benefits, whilst also exactly replicating the flavour, fragrance and other desired characteristics of the cannabis plant

Combining the plant's natural terpene profile, that is full of essential oils, with rich cannabidiol, that invigorates a  unique carrier fluid has seen a Sativa-dominant hybrid, blended from a cannabis strains of lemon skunk and super silver haze, and is used to treat depression, PTSD, fatigue, anxiety, nausea, stress, headaches and chronic pain.

We continue in our research to bring to the market, medicinal solutions using licensed and medically approved cannabis-based medication.

The issue of whether marijuana has medicinal benefits no longer seems to be in question.
Cluade Beauregard
Eng & Special Advisor

of British adults have used CBD once or more.


of those who use CBD said it helped them replace prescription or over-the-counter drugs.


of CBD users primarily took it for chronic pain relief.

The History of CBD: A Brief Chronological Timeline

Steps initiated for potential USA FDA approval of CBD as a medicine


The United States government patents CBD as a neuroprotectant


Raphael Mechoulam isolates and describes the chemical structure of CBD


Roger Adams isolates CBD from marijuana, but didn’t exactly know what he had found