Cluade Beauregarg

Eng, Special Advisor

President of BCTexperts, a consulting firm to companies supporting them in attaining development, expansion, return and profitability objectives. Founded in Montreal in 1993.

A visionary and man of achievements, he exerts a strong leadership which enables him to associate himself with high-level work teams in order to reach the aimed objectives. An entrepreneur at heart,

Claude occupied the functions of President and Chief of Operations at Intasys Corporation Inc., a capital risk firm for companies of the new economy. Mr. Beauregard has achieved considerable goals such as the creation of Télégescom in 1993 which specialized in the provision of services of planning and deployment of telecommunication networks. He also occupied the function of President, Genitec Telecommunications Inc. of the Soprin Group and that of Vice-President, Commercial Development for the international market of this same group in 1989.

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